Corporate Profile Message from the President

Ishii Iron Works’ story began some 120 years ago in 1900 when our founder Takichi Ishii established an iron works shop at Tsukishima, Tokyo and started manufacturing facilities such as boilers and tanks.

Since then, in lockstep with Japan’s industrial development, we established a solid position not only in Japan but throughout the world as a maker of tanks and plants capable of safely storing energy resources and petrochemical resources.
Among our products, our core product of tanks earned a good reputation as “ISHII-the tank fabricator” across the Japanese and global markets for product excellence.

Ishii Iron Works has upheld the philosophy established by our founder Takichi Ishii of “Technological contributions for our country,” and with the changing times, this DNA of ours has evolved into “Technological contributions for the world.”

Today, with global warming being the major challenge, we will fulfill our role as a provider of energy infrastructure dedicated to realizing a sustainable society.
As we move toward transitioning to a carbon-neutral society and GX (green transformation), we are making steady progress in the provision of low-temperature tanks for fuel ammonia, the provision of resilient infrastructure that can withstand tsunamis and earthquakes for natural-disaster-prone Japan, and the provision of solutions for safely maintaining aging energy infrastructure. We are looking forward to supporting Japanese industry in the future as well.

We plan to advance our operations further as we continue to concentrate on honing our technologies, and providing new value for everyone.