Corporate Profile Message from the President

Our company took its first step in March 1900 when Takichi Ishii founded a small iron works shop at Tsukishima, Tokyo and started manufacturing boilers, penstocks for water electric power plant, steel towers, and vessels. In 1919, we re-organized into a limited company, and have been growing and achieving solid progress ever since.

The success of our company as a plant constructor has been built through our permanent endeavor and research over many years. We continue to develop the latest technologies. Our main products, steel tanks and other facilities (domestic and abroad) are highly rated by many companies. We have satisfied many customers with the following products; LNG Satellite system, gas generation plant, and leisure facilities such as swimming pools and slides, and other steel structures. We have a good reputation as "ISHII—the tank fabricator," and we are passionate about developing our product line and expanding our business. For the storage of liquefied cryogenic gas, our original PS(pre-stressed) concrete tank has received many authorized certifications, including the Technological Progress Certification from the JPI (Japan Petroleum Institute), prizes from the Safety Engineering Academy, and rewards from the Science & Technology Agency in Japan. We also have made progress in other business areas such as in the industrial gas and real estate sectors that correspond with ever-changing social needs.

Our main customers are companies dealing with petroleum, chemical engineering, steel mills, electric and gas power, government authorities, and many public organizations. To provide continued satisfaction for our many users, we do our best to develop new technologies and products. Even though the main concept of our company, "Technological contributions for our country" has been changed into "Technological contributions for the world," our philosophy to contribute to society has never changed. The year 2000 was our 100th anniversary, and we are committed to another successful 100 years throughout the 21st century. We continue to concentrate our effort on the excellency of our products and customer satisfaction.