Spherical tank & gas holder

Spherical tank gas holders are the rational shape for high-pressure storage because the pressurized gas tries to expand as a sphere, and the stress by inner pressure becomes equal.
Spherical tank storage of propane, butane, etc. as a liquid under high-pressure, and spherical gas holder storage of city gas as a gas under high-pressure.

Largest spherical tank for high pressure liquid gas

Spherical Tank

Our tanks boast shock-resistance features in its seismic design, which was analyzed using FEM (finite element method) and certified by a program of the High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK). We have a long supply records (over 800 units) in Japan, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Peru since 1955.

Project Case Studies

Spherical tank (propylene) ×4
Spherical tank (propylene) ×4

・Material : propylene
・Capacity : 2,003m3
・Internal diameter : 15,640mm
・Design pressure : 1,69MPaG
・Plate thickness : maximum 37.3mm
・Including civil work

City gas spherical gas holder
City gas spherical gas holder

This is greatest size spherical gas holder in Japan, which made of pull strength 780N/mm2 high tensile steel plate.

・Capacity : 20,003m3
・Internal diameter : 33,680mm
・Design pressure : 0.97MPaG
・Plate thickness : 36.5mm

Liquid carbonic acid spherical tank×4
Liquid carbonic acid spherical tank×4

・Capacity : 758m3
・Internal diameter : 11,310mm
・Design pressure : 2.1MPaG
・Plate thickness : maximum 33.5mm